About the Music

We hand-craft each station with a blend of top remixes and new tracks. Each station is generated by relevance, beats per minute (BPM), popularity, and date. Stations are updated in real-time and will always provide you with new tracks to discover. If you would like to help curate a station, please submit your music.

How it Started

Originally launched in 2012, Vibin.fm was created for electronic music lovers, by electronic music lovers. Our goal is to provide the easiest way to consistently discover the best of the electronic music culture around the world.

Meet the Team

The electronic/dance culture is revolutionizing the industry. We're working to become a part of the shift.

Horace Mingo

Owner + Invester + Developer

Horace is a software engineer, who focuses on the power behind Vibin.fm. He loves experimenting with new frameworks and turning ideas into finished products. He dabbles in and out of EDM genres, but his true music love is centered around underground genres.

Brian O'Toole

Founder + Developer

Brian works as a web & mobile developer for a media agency in Florida. He is passionate about startups, web development, and Breaking Bad. His daily fuel is an Above & Beyond: Group Therapy podcast.

Darius Barnes


Darius pushes past the limits of design with a daily dose of inspiration. He runs the creative shop, Live Life Creative by day and channels his inner Kobe Bryant by night.


We're Hiring!

If you love music and have ideas for improving the culture, we'd love to hear from you. Contact us to learn about opportunities.

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vibin-fm.com plays detroit club mix, trap music, dubstep, quite simply the best electronic music in the USA and abroad.