Frequently Asked Questions

What is

A simple way to discover and stream the electronic music culture. gives listeners the plethora of music from YouTube, combined with the ease & functionality of Pandora.

Who is for?

For those who love electronic music and don't want to spend the time searching for what's new & popular.

How can I get my music played on

Submit your music to us here. Or, send us your YouTube playlist.

What happens when I submit my music?

We'll listen to it and decide if it's good enough to be featured. If so, we'll add it to the appropriate station.

How do I get my music removed from

Send us a message and we'll take it down, no questions asked, within 48 hours.

How do I save my favorite tracks?

To save a track, you must be logged in. Once logged in, click the "Add to Playlist" button. To play your list of vibes, click the "My Playlist" button in the navigation header.

How can I help

There are endless possibilities. Send us a message if you are interested in learning more about

Is hiring?

If you love music and have some ideas for improving the culture, contact us today. plays detroit club mix, trap music, dubstep, quite simply the best electronic music in the USA and abroad.